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Experience the true potential of your music with a mastering of your song!

Awesome songs are mastered here to be ready for the world.






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Interview with Florian Boden on AI Mastering

The result of successful collaborations with the mastering studio of Florian Boden:

Here are before/after examples of successful audio masterings:

Mastering – Florian Boden – Hörproben
  1. Through my bedroom window - REMIX Hallugenetic 2:40
  2. Dead By Dawn General Malaise 4:07
  3. Akela MojoJojo ft. Akshay Oberoi 2:42
  4. Dark Shimmer Hallugenetic 2:49
  5. Uno fra cento Raip 3:25
  6. Merry Christmas The Cup 3:20
  7. Rollin like a Boss Raip 4:01
  8. Künstler Cream 3:16
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This is how our collaboration works




You tell me about your project so that I can find out how I can best help you. Set a date for the phone call yourself. (Were you in a recording studio or did you produce entirely yourself? Is the quality of the audio mix sufficient, or is stem mastering more suitable?) We will clarify all these questions.



I master one of your songs and you get a free snippet of the master. If you like it, you can get the full file for a payment. If you want, you can also get a video of the mastering session, where you can see the complete editing process. Let me know beforehand.



You like the first master and want more? I will make you an individual offer according to your needs. For a package of 3 songs or more you get a discount. If you mix in a recording studio, ask for the possibility of an external mastering with me.


The man who turns the knobs:

Florian Boden - profil picture

Florian Boden

Audio Engineer specialized in mastering

"Even as a child I was close to music, and produced music in "Cubase SE" in my youth. At that time, I was still passionate about playing the piano. Then as a young adult, I was a pianist in an improv theater, among other things. The closeness to music still helps me today in my work as a mastering engineer. However, I rarely get to produce anymore. Mastering music just suits me the most, and I've hardly done anything else in the musical field for a few years now."

Florian Boden


Erfahrungen zufriedener Kunden

Prices & Services

Every song is different. We determine together what service you need. I will be happy to make you an individual offer according to your needs.


Mastering: 50€

Stem-Mastering: 50€+5€ per Stem

(2 Stems = 60€)

Mixing: Request a quote

Addtional services

DDP-Image: 10€

File-Tagging: 5€

That's what you get with mastering or stem mastering:

Your all iclusive package

  • Masterfile with best quality & high loudness
  • Web version of the master for streaming services
  • Instrumental from Stem mastering for live performances
  • All revisions included

The advantages of audio mastering

Mastering is the final editing step in a music production. You can learn more about it here:

Your own music is often something very personal. In collaboration with others, as a band, or alone, one has invested hours or weeks. When the production phase is complete, it is important to get the best out of the mix. Only if the final result is convincing in sound, the average listener will pay attention to the music. Mixing your own songs is often difficult after you have already listened to them for days during the production phase. In addition, one's own skills and technical equipment play a decisive role in the result. It is easy to lose sight of the essentials. What is important in mastering? I get this material and can take an unbiased and fresh look at it. An essential aspect of mastering is to bring the mix to a competitive volume. However, the small corrections that will make the difference in the final result are all the more important. Every song and every mix has its own peculiarities, due to genre and instrumentation, but of course also due to the work of the mixing engineer or recording studio. This requires individual processing of the material in mastering. The means remain the same, but only the adaptation of these to each song lead to a successful result. The goal is, among other things, to be able to convey the best possible listening experience on every playback system, whether car radio, hi-fi system or headphones. Mastering can make an enormous difference in the listening experience, even if the original character of the song and its mix should be preserved. To bring this experience to you as well, I offer a free test master for every new client. Send me one of your songs and you will get back a snippet of your song mastered. So you can check your expectations without any risk. In the master I give your productions the final touch and bring your sound to a professional level.

Florian Boden

Mastering – Florian Boden

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